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Us Asians in Japan will never forgive you evil westerners for massacring over 500000 innocent Japanese using nukes


I find it very digustingly pathetic that westerners are hallucinating and keep claiming that Japanese love them because what happen in reality is the opposite. In comparison there is no such thing like this against Asians that exist in Japan, so far what occur is only anti Korean which caused by territorial issue and not cause by race issue. It is logical and understandable that the big majority of Japanese hate westerners to this day because not just in the past but to this day westerners still continue doing countless terrible crimes to Japanese.

Anyway, remember that I'm not one of you evil westerners who massacres over 500000 innocent Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki using nukes, over 100000 innocent Japanese in Tokyo, over 50000 innocent Japanese in Okinawa, etc other evil crimes you evil westerners keep doing to this day against Japanese so there is no good reason for Japanese to hate me or my peoples.